What Can I Do with an MBA in Organizational Leadership?

Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Organizational Leadership can increase a candidate’s job opportunities and salary-earning potential, particularly in management and administration. A degree in organizational leadership opens doors to various fields such as healthcare, sales, human resources, public relations, education, marketing, finance and information systems.

The online MBA with an Organizational Leadership Concentration program from Eastern Washington University (EWU) can help students develop their ideal leadership style while strengthening their business capability. In addition, graduates of this online program can use their skills to build, motivate and nurture a team while providing the emotional support necessary for effective leadership.

5 Jobs for MBA in Organizational Leadership Grads

The broad application of an online MBA in Organizational Leadership lends itself to various implementations. This online program prepares business professionals for high-level management and executive leadership positions. The top jobs for MBA graduates include any position that involves managing, hiring, training and advancing employees within a team, group or company. Below are some careers where MBA in Organizational Leadership graduates can lead, inspire and guide others. Salary and job outlook figures are from September 2022.

Management analyst. With a median annual salary of $93,000, or $44.71 per hour, a management analyst has a valuable position where they recommend ways to improve a company’s productivity and efficiency. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects this consulting role to grow by 11% through 2031, which is much faster than average. An online MBA in Organizational Leadership prepares graduates for this role by knowing how to look into a company’s internal structure while recommending the best changes, solutions and procedures to help the company enhance its operations.

Human resources manager. With a top goal of improving the inner workings of a company while supporting the employees, a human resources (HR) manager acts as a bridge between leadership and the workforce. The responsibilities of an HR manager are to oversee the hiring of new staff, plan and direct the company’s administrative functions, supervise employee benefits and develop outreach strategies and disciplinary policies. Since this role is vital to the leadership and direction of a company, the median yearly salary is $126,230 or $60.69 per hour. The job outlook is expected to grow by 7% through 2031.

Medical and health services manager. Medical and health services managers oversee a healthcare center’s business activities and daily operations. Many managers work in a hospital setting, but some work for government organizations, doctor’s offices, outpatient care centers and residential communities. The median annual salary is $101,340 or $48.72 per hour. This position is expected to grow by 28% through 2031.

Sales manager. The role of a sales manager is to lead sales teams and develop sales plans for a company. An MBA in Organizational Leadership can help sales managers motivate their team and find ways to reach their sales goals. The median salary is $127,490 per year or $61.30 per hour.

Training and development manager. These managers ensure their staff has the training and knowledge to succeed in the organization. Training and development managers can increase efficiency and contribute to the overall success of a company. The median pay is $120,130 per year or $57.76 per hour.

Next Steps

Professionals with entrepreneurial and organizational leadership skills will continue to be in high demand, giving graduates of EWU’s online MBA with an Organizational Leadership Concentration program career versatility and independence.

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