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Master of Education – Curriculum & Instruction Online

Prepare to serve in the classroom as a lead teacher or outside the classroom in building-level positions handling curriculum planning or instructional design.

03/15/21 Next Application Due Date
03/29/21 Start Classes

Program Overview

$12,900 Total Tuition
As few as 12 months Program Duration
49 Credit Hours

Increase your knowledge and earning potential in the Master of Education – Curriculum and Instruction online from Eastern Washington University. This flexible online degree program joins a legacy of quality teacher education programs that date back more than a century.

Gain an understanding of how to develop curriculum aligned with regulatory standards and evolving trends, learn to refine instructional strategies, and prepare for roles such as Instructional Coach or Curriculum Personnel.

As part of the program, you must complete 120 hours of an internship related to curriculum planning, instructional design, or a related area, working with an experienced mentor who already holds a master's degree. In lieu of a thesis or research report, you will need to submit a portfolio with a reflective component and take a comprehensive exam.

Professional Educator Standards Board

The EWU College of Arts, Letters & Education educator programs are approved by the State of Washington Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB).

As a student in this online M.Ed. program, you will:

  • boost your knowledge of issues in instructional design and curriculum development;
  • participate in an internship that allows you to connect theory from your coursework with practice in a working K-12 environment;
  • learn and practice the skills of being an Instructional Coach.

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The M.Ed. – Curriculum & Instruction online degree program offers affordable, pay-by-the-course tuition rate to all students residing in and out of the state of Washington.

$263 Per Credit Hour
$12,900 Total Tuition

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M.Ed. – Curriculum & Instruction Online Program Tuition and Fees

Program Per Credit Hour Per 4-Credit Hour Course Per Program
Master of Education – Curriculum & Instruction $263.26 $1,053.04 $12,900

Application Fee: $75

Jeanne Marll, M.Ed.

"The professors are on top of everything. The technology isn't too hard, thank goodness. I'm not super tech savvy. It's accessible to everyone."

– Jeanne Marll

M.Ed. – Curriculum & Instruction online student

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The M.Ed. – Curriculum & Instruction online program is designed to be flexible for working professionals, with six-week courses and seven start dates a year. View the full calendar for upcoming due dates for required documents, class registration and tuition payments to get started when it’s best for you.

Now Enrolling:

03/15/21 Next Application Deadline
03/29/21 Start Classes

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Session Program Start Date Application Deadline Document Deadline Registration Deadline Tuition Deadline Last Class Day
Winter II 2/8/2021 1/25/2021 2/1/2021 2/3/2021 2/6/2021 3/21/2021
Spring I 3/29/2021 3/15/2021 3/22/2021 3/24/2021 3/27/2021 5/9/2021
Spring II 5/10/2021 4/26/2021 5/3/2021 5/5/2021 5/8/2021 6/20/2021
Summer 7/6/2021 6/21/2021 6/28/2021 6/30/2021 7/4/2021 8/15/2021
Fall I 9/20/2021 9/3/2021 9/13/2021 9/15/2021 9/18/2021 10/31/2021
Fall II 11/1/2021 10/18/2021 10/25/2021 10/27/2021 10/30/2021 12/12/2021
Winter I 1/3/2022 12/16/2021 12/23/2021 12/28/2021 1/1/2022 2/13/2022
Winter II 2/14/2022 1/31/2022 2/7/2022 2/9/2022 2/12/2022 3/22/2022

Ready to take the next step toward earning your degree online from Eastern Washington University?


The admission process for the M.Ed. – Curriculum & Instruction online is streamlined to help you get started sooner. A teaching certificate is required for admission to this program.

Teacher certification
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
Cumulative 3.0 GPA in the last 90 quarter or 60 semester-graded undergraduate credits

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M.Ed. – Curriculum & Instruction Online Admission Requirements

  • Teaching certificate
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the last 90 quarter or 60 semester-graded undergraduate credits
  • Transcripts from all previous colleges/universities attended

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In order to earn the M.Ed. – Curriculum & Instruction online, you must complete 14 courses (49 credit hours), comprised of 16 credit hours of core courses and 33 credit hours of specialization courses (including an internship).

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You must take the following courses.

Duration: 6 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 4

This course focuses on reforming and transforming the processes, perceptions and practices of learning and teaching by emphasizing diversity, social justice and equity. First, psychological principles underlying current educational culture will be analyzed. Second, reforming relationships, interactions and contexts for learning will be addressed through reflective practices, and third, rethinking and transforming connections, will be viewed through the lens of learners of diverse backgrounds.

Duration: 6 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 4

Four philosophies in education will be studied. The implications of each for school organization and classroom instruction will be examined. Participants will be invited to analyze their beliefs and how these beliefs form into a coherent philosophy of education.

Duration: 6 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 4

An analysis of American democratic ideology in relation to major social problems such as race, social stratification, leisure, population movements, family life, and the involvement of the public schools. For students in the M.Ed. – Educational Leadership, Principal Certification program, EDUC 531 or 532 are department-approved substitutes for EDUC 505 in the M.Ed. common core.

Duration: 6 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 4

Required of all graduate students pursuing the master of education degree program unless an alternative research course is scheduled. It provides the background of research methods and techniques necessary for meeting the requirements of Education 600 or 601. The methods, tools, and strategies used in educational research, both quantitative and qualitative, will be explored. Continued level teacher certification research requirements may be met through this course.

You must take the following courses.

Duration: 6 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 4

Advanced techniques and methods of developing and utilizing instructional systems. A multimedia correlated system will be designed, produced, organized, field tested and presented.

Duration: 6 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 4

Focuses on curricular and instructional development of resource-based skills. From examining model K-12 programs for skills in such areas as information, critical television viewing, media production, and visual literacy, teachers will apply elements of instructional design and development to resource-based skills programs.

Duration: 6 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 4

A course designed to provide classroom teachers an opportunity to revisit current reading pedagogical knowledge, including knowledge of essential components of reading (phonics, word recognition, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension), phonological awareness, print concepts, and academic language. Students will explore meaningful ways in which reading instruction may be infused and integrated within content areas of the curriculum, including Common Core State Standards. Teacher assessment and student self-assessment as a means to inform teaching and learning will be an additional focus of the course.

Duration: 6 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 4

The work of the teacher or supervisor in improving instruction.

Duration: 6 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 4

This course emphasizes the key philosophical, sociological, and historical intellectual contributions in the field of curriculum. Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of school curriculum through the analysis of historical events and current research.

Duration: 6 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 4

This course examines the principles underlying the development of a K-12 school curriculum. With an emphasis on methods of determining curriculum priorities, objectives, scope and sequence, and organizational patterns, as well as an examination of how curriculum design facilitates student-learning opportunities.

Duration: 6 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 2

Practical, on-the-job experience for specialized school personnel planned cooperatively by a school district and the university. Students are selected for this experience by the university and the district in which the student is working. To register, students must make application to the program advisor during May of the previous year.

Duration: 6 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 2

Continuation of C & I Internship I. Practical, on-the-job experience for specialized school personnel planned cooperatively by a school district and the university. Students are selected for this experience by the university and the district in which the student is working.

Duration: 6 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 2

This course provides MEd candidates the opportunity to assemble a portfolio of work from graduate education courses that includes a reflective component. Candidates will provide evidence aligned with corresponding professional competencies. The course provides candidates the opportunity to prepare for the written comprehensive examination, which serves as the capstone experience in lieu of a thesis or research report.

Duration: 6 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 3

The purpose of the comprehensive exam is to assess the knowledge and skills attained during the course of graduate study in the Master of Education program. The comprehensive exam requires students to integrate the principals, concepts, and research methodologies when employing academic language and using a formal writing style.

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