The Promising Future of Public Health

Public health is all about improving and protecting the health of individuals and communities. This is achieved with research on the prevention of injury and disease, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, education and preventing, identifying and responding to infectious diseases. In addition, public health professionals are interested in how personal choice, environment and genetics impact personal well-being. By analyzing these factors and developing policies and interventions that protect the health of individuals and communities, public health experts can save money on healthcare and improve the quality of life for an entire population.

An online Master of Public Health (MPH) from Eastern Washington University (EWU) can provide valuable expertise to improve public health and make a difference in a community. This online degree program offers students a broad array of career options and the ability to provide a meaningful impact by slowing the spread of disease, educating individuals and increasing life expectancy.

The Optimistic Future of the Field of Public Health

While healthcare focuses on treating injured or ill patients, the field of public health strives to prevent and reduce health risks to the general population. Public health is a growing multidisciplinary field that needs people with diverse educational backgrounds to work for federal public health agencies, state and local health departments, other government agencies, colleges, universities, private companies, nonprofit agencies and in various additional healthcare settings. The world of public health unites diverse disciplines and supports professions in assorted medical, scientific, government and research contexts. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has tested the strength and resiliency of many public health systems. The future will require new health priorities, agendas, approaches, technology and research to meet the demands of a new mindset regarding public health and education. Public health professionals are rising to meet the need for new medicines and vaccines, remote working and learning and the normalization of public health protocols.

Careers in public health suit those interested in healthcare but who want to work outside of clinical medicine. The May 2021 announcement from the Biden-Harris administration stated that an investment of $7.4 billion from the American Rescue Plan would help create tens of thousands of public health jobs to support the expansion of local and public health departments. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts the job growth outlook for health education specialists and community health workers at 12% through 2031. They also expect job growth for epidemiologists at 26%, and both predictions are faster than the average job growth rate for all other careers.

An Online Master of Public Health Program

The future of public health will see a high demand for community health professionals and innovations in public health strategy, which involve equity, primary prevention, social ecology and pandemic recovery efforts. Eastern Washington University’s online MPH degree will prepare students to examine the sociological viewpoint of healthcare inequities and develop the means to improve them. The program coursework incorporates an integrated learning experience to match theory with real-world application. In addition, EWU’s faculty has experience in global health and rural communities to provide a well-rounded view of public health education.

Students in this online program will learn to assess program outcomes addressing public health concerns, analyze public health issues, apply funding concepts to public health initiatives and develop programs to meet public health needs. Graduates are ready to pursue in-demand careers, such as contact tracer, public health educator, biostatistician and community health advisor.

Learn more about EWU’s online Master of Public Health program.

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